Comprehensive electricity installations are executed and designed.

We have a technical team that optimizes and improves projects so that the installation goes unnoticed without prejudice to design and elegance.

Air conditioning

Air-conditioning homes, obtaining sensation-free spaces. Comfort and well-being at any time of the year.

RCO Grup is a pioneer in the use of innovative technology such as geothermal energy.

Renewable energy

Sustainability, energy saving and reduction of the environmental impact are the main objectives of RCO Grup and its clients.

Interior design

Team of interior designers who create elegant, versatile, comfortable spaces, adapted to the demands of their clients.

The result of the work of the interior designers is the protagonist of any project, which projects the preferences of those who request them.

SAT / Maintenance

RCO Grup creates life projects.

Thanks to its SAT / Maintenance department, it guarantees its clients that its facilities are always in full operation and performance.